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野島 恵美(のじま えみ






2010年めぐろアートウィークに東京目黒で活躍する若手音楽家として出演したほか、文化庁芸術団体人材育成支援事業「日本演奏連盟 演連コンサート2011オーディション」に合格。













Emi Nojima was born in Mie, Japan. She won the 1st prize in Music Competition of Mie.

She studied at the Toho Gakuen High School of Music, Tokyo; Toho Gakuen University of Music, where she continued her study as a Research Student.

During her musical studies in Tokyo, she won many national prizes. She participated in 1999 Chopin Master class in Poland, 2002 International klavierakademie in Germany, 2003 International Keyboard Institute & Festival in the United States.


She gave concerts as a soloist with Toho academy Orchestra, and the Central Aichi Philharmonic, and played chamber music with the Polish national broadcast symphony orchestra’s members.

In 2010, she appeared in the MEGURO art week as one of active young musicians in Meguro, Tokyo. In 2011 she passed the auditions for Enren (Japan Federation of Musicians) concert, the Agency for Cultural Affairs art group supporting the nurturing of talented people, and held a solo recital. She was acclaimed in a music magazine: "It gave the impression that her technical certainty was related to her careful, conscientious music making. A talented pianist with great promise." (Ongaku no Tomo 2011-April issue);

"Her performance was pleasing and moving. With her wonderful technique and moderate empathy intertwined, she made music in excellent control and stability." (MUSICANOVA 2011- May issue) In 2016, she acquired MBA.

She has also been working to support musicians. She studied with Kazuko Sadayuki, Midori Sano, Mikhail Voskresensky, Sadako Matsuoka,Takahiro Hoshino.

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